Oneida Tribe of Indians

The Oneida Nation

The Nation is originally from upstate New York. After the Revolutionary War, they lost nearly 5 million acres of their original homelands to the birth of the United States and the state of New York. Their people began to relocate to Wisconsin. In 1838, the Treaty with the Oneida established the 65,400-acre Oneida Indian Reservation along Duck Creek. For nearly 200 years, they have lived here, a place they now call home.

We began our journey with the Oneida Nation on January 30, 1928 when we assisted an Oneida family with the funeral of Mrs. L. Powless. Since that time, we have been proud to weave the Oneida customs and traditions into the services we provide.

We have been honored to celebrate with you in the good days and stand by you in the difficult times. We have been proud supporters of many of your organizations, including the VFW, Elder Services, Veterans Affairs, The Oneida Indian Historical Society and area churches as well as many community fundraisers and benefits.

We pledge to continue to support the Oneida Nation as we continue our journey forward together.

For information regarding the Oneida Tribe, please visit the Oneida Nation website

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