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Ryan Funeral Home & Crematory is proud to offer the best cremation services in De Pere, WI. With our family-owned crematory, families can be sure that their loved one is being well cared for throughout the entire cremation process. Depending on the wishes of the family, we can hold funeral services before the cremation or memorial services following the cremation for friends and loved ones. Ryan Funeral Home & Crematory provides a variety of urns and other cremation items for loved ones’ remains to rest in.


It is a common misconception that choosing cremation means there is no funeral. However, even if cremation is chosen you can honor your loved one with a ceremony. Coming together for a ceremony can be a great comfort to friends and family. While we are certainly honoring our loved ones with a funeral service, the funeral service is truly for the living. It's a time where family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances come together to share stories, offer support and embark on the grief journey together. It's a time for healing.


Family and friends can come together through a formal or informal ceremony with the cremation urn present. Another option is for your loved one to be present at the service prior to cremation.


Our compassionate staff works hard to honor your loved one in the ceremony by including personal touches. You can have a ceremony for your loved one that is religious or includes cultural customs. You can also include details like your loved one’s favorite music, favorite sports team or a favorite meal. The details are up to you.


Options for a final resting place after a ceremony include placing the cremation urn in a memorial garden, mausoleum or cemetery. Any of these choices give friends and family the opportunity to visit in remembrance.


Options with Cremation

  • Ceremony with your loved one present before cremation
  • Ceremony with cremation urn present
  • Cremation only
  • A final resting place of your choice

Contact us today for further information on our cremation services in De Pere, Green Bay, and surrounding areas.

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