De Pere Pet Cremation Services

In 2022, our staff began formally assisting community members in their time of need following the loss of a pet. We offer a range of products and services, from paw prints and molds to custom urns.


In an event of immediate need, please call our staff at (920)336-3171.



Our viewing room gives your family the option to be present for a private cremation. Many who choose to view the cremation do so as a way of bringing closure and allowing their family to say a final farewell to a beloved pet.

Cremation Options

Private cremation is a process where only one pet is present in the cremation chamber, similar to the process used for human cremations. After cremation, we remove your pet's cremated remains from the chamber and return them to you in an urn of your choice.


Individual cremation means that your pet shares space in the cremation chamber with other pets. Because each pet is placed in a designated area and clearly identified with a stainless steel cremation tray, we're able to ensure that you'll receive the cremated remains of only your pet, returned to you in an urn of your choice or a cremation pouch.


Communal cremation is for pet owners who do not wish for their pet's cremated remains to be returned to them, but would still like to care for their pet's remains in a degnified and loving way. In a communal cremation, multiple pets are cremated remains are spread on private land by one of our staff members.

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