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What To Do When Your Family Pet Dies

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What to do if your pet dies at home

Losing a pet can be extremely difficult. If your pet passes away at home, here are some steps you can take:


  1. Take some time to grieve and say goodbye to your pet. 
  2. If you have other pets, keep them away from the deceased pet to avoid any distress. 
  3. Decide what to do with your pet's remains. You can have them cremated or buried or contact a pet removal service to handle the remains. 
  4. Consider contacting a support group or therapist if you struggle to cope with the loss. 


Remember that it's okay to grieve and take the time to heal.


What is the best way to say goodbye to a pet?

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet can be a difficult and emotional experience. It's important to take the time to grieve and find a way to honor your pet's memory. Some people find comfort in holding a memorial service or creating a special tribute. In contrast, others may prefer to spend time alone reflecting on their pet's life. Whatever you choose to do, know it's okay to feel sad and not alone in your grief.


What is the best way to explain the death of a pet to kids and teens?

When explaining the death of a pet to kids and teens, it's essential to be honest and gentle. Use age-appropriate language and be prepared to answer any questions they may have. Please encourage them to express their feelings and offer comfort and support.


How to start the grief process if a pet dies

The grief process can be different for everyone. Still, some ways to start coping with the loss of a pet may include setting up a memorial or tribute, seeking support from friends or family, and allowing yourself time to feel and process your emotions. It may also be helpful to consider seeking help from a therapist or support group specializing in pet loss. Talk to our experienced and caring funeral directors. They will gladly guide you.


What do I need to know when looking for a pet crematory?

When looking for a pet crematory, it is essential to consider factors such as history, reputation, certification, processes and procedures, pricing, and customer service. Look for a crematory that is transparent about its practices and can provide clear and concise answers to any questions or concerns you may have. Additionally, consider reading online reviews and seeking recommendations from trusted sources. 


In 2022, our staff formally assisted community members in their time of need following the loss of a pet. We offer a range of products and services, from paw prints and molds to custom urns.



 Our Affordable Pet Cremation Services in WI 



Our viewing room allows your family to be present for a private cremation. Many who choose to view the cremation do so as a way of bringing closure and allowing their family to say a final farewell to a beloved pet.


Cremation Options

Private cremation

This is a process where only one pet is present in the cremation chamber, similar to the process used for human cremations. After cremation, we remove your pet's cremated remains from the chamber and return them to you in an urn.


Individual cremation

This means your pet shares space in the cremation chamber with other pets. Because each pet is placed in a designated area and identified with a stainless steel cremation tray, we can ensure that you'll receive the cremated remains of only your pet returned to you in an urn of your choice or a cremation pouch.


Communal cremation

This is for pet owners who do not wish for their pet's cremated remains to be returned to them but would still like to care for their pet's remains in a dignified and loving way. In a communal cremation, multiple pets are cremated remains are spread on private land by one of our staff members.



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